Identifying Lameness in your Hound

Here is a YouTube video about identifying lameness in your hound. Not specifically about Irish Wolfhounds but interesting and useful all the same.

Introduction to Canine Lameness by Chester Gates Animal Referral Hospital

Chester Gates Animal Referral Hospital is a specialist veterinary centre in the North West of England

Ben Walton is a Veterinary Orthopaedic Surgeon with special interests in complex lameness investigations and fracture management.

This presentation introduces the viewer to the fundamentals of assessing lameness in dogs. It is suitable for veterinary students, animal physiotherapy students, veterinary nurses, and dog owners and handlers. Vets and animal-physiotherapists might also find it useful as a refresher!

Clipping your Hounds Nails

This is a useful graphic showing how to cut your wolfhounds nails.

My three all hate having their nails cut, but I’m reliably informed that if you smear a chopping board or similar with peanut butter (make sure there’s no xylitol in it) then the dog will be so busy licking the tasty chopping board that they won’t even notice that you are cutting their nails.

Perhaps I’ll try it and get it on video, and post that here. 🙂

How to safely trim your hounds nails

Florrie’s Famous Fan!

I was a very proud mum at the Gaitherin’ this year when our celebrity judge Fish (you know, from Marillion… Kayleigh, remember?) and his beautiful wife Simone chose Florrie from a very large class of lovely dogs as their winner of “Dog the Judge most wants to take home”

Dog the Judge would most like to take home


Please participate…
The Kennel Club is developing Breed Health and Conservation Plans (BHCPs) for all registered dog breeds to ensure that health concerns are identified through evidence-based criteria. This will ensure breeders have useful information and resources to support them in making balanced breeding decisions in the future.
Irish Wolfhounds are in the next round of breeds identified by the KC for this project so we are inviting ALL OWNERS to complete this simple survey, to provide the KC with an up to date and accurate snapshot of the breed’s current health status.
The survey is anonymous and your answers, along with other sources of scientific evidence, will provide important data for our BHCP.
Please go to this link to enter your dog’s information:
IW Breed Health Survey 2018
For Breeders, please complete the Breed Health Survey, but in addition, please also complete this additional survey specifically about your breeding experiences over the last 10 years:
IW Breeders Experience Survey 2018

It’s Nearly Time for the Gaitherin’!

It’s nearly time for our annual Gaitherin’ and we hope you can join us!!

Come along to Cochrane Hall at Alva on 15th July for a fun-filled day, with friends old and new, enjoy a fabulous lunch and maybe win a prize or two!

A Gaitherin' of Wolfhounds 2017
A Gaitherin’ of Wolfhounds 2017


IWCoS Walk on Scolty Hill

A few members and friends gathered on 23rd June for our regular walk at Scolty Hill in Aberdeenshire. We started early to avoid the heat of the day and also the crowds as it’s a very popular venue.

There were 12 wolfhounds in the group, all wonderfully behaved and super ambassadors for the breed. Hope to see you all at the next one.

Wolfhounds at Scolty Hill
It’s not easy to get everyone looking at the camera!