Midland Counties Championship Show 2018

Today is hound day at Midland Counties Championship show held at Staffordshire County Showground, ST18 0BD. Irish Wolfhounds are not a CC breed at this show, and are being judged by Ann Macaulay of the famous Scottish kennel, Gartlove.

If you are heading along today, we wish our members and their hounds all the very best of luck, but remember no matter what the judge thinks, you always bring the best dog home! 🙂

Ann has drawn an entry of 26 wolfhounds, which is pretty good for a champ show with no tickets.

Results will be posted as the day progresses, and can be seen on the Fosse Data website.

Last time Ann judged a championship show was at Scottish Kennel Club in August of 2012, Irish Wolfhounds do not have CC status at this show either. At that show Ann drew an entry of 17 and with only 1 absentee, found her BD in Achnacon Druid’s Apprentice at Stenhound, RBD was Marlaw Dubh Mac Tire, BB and BOB was Rivenhound Double Cream and RBB was Hibeck Hannah at Rivenhound. BPiB was not awarded as there were no puppies attending.

Last year at Midland Counties John Sumner (Ballyphelan) drew an incredible entry of 33 and his top winning dogs were:

BD and BOB Caredig Augustus

RBD Hydebeck Imperial Ruler

BB Arwen Feebee’s Home of Wolvebrigg

RBB and BPiB Nebraska Ionmhain Norman at Newdigate


Entry and absentee numbers at Midland Counties Champ show for Irish Wolfhounds (with no tickets) over the last 5 years are:

Year Judge Entry Absent
2017 John Sumner (Ballyphelan) 33 10
2016 Editha Newton 19 8
2015 Tom Mather 20 7
2014 Anthony Murray (Sabata) 16 2
2013 Lynda Flood (Baronfore) 22 8

Irish Wolfhound of the Year 2018

Today sees the annual Irish Wolfhound of the Year competition.

It’s a match show organised jointly by the Irish Wolfhound Club and the Irish Wolfhound Society to celebrate the very best of the Irish Wolfhounds seen in competition throughout the preceding year.

To qualify for entry the wolfhound must have acheived a certain win or placing at a Championship show throughout the year. Full details of qualifying criteria can be seen on the WOTY 2018 facebook page.

We’re very proud that several of our members hounds qualified and we wish them every success on the day. Go IWCoS!!

The Irish Wolfhound Club is providing us all a great service in publishing the results live as they happen. Thank you IWC from all the stay at home observers. 🙂

Identifying Lameness in your Hound

Here is a YouTube video about identifying lameness in your hound. Not specifically about Irish Wolfhounds but interesting and useful all the same.

Introduction to Canine Lameness by Chester Gates Animal Referral Hospital

Chester Gates Animal Referral Hospital is a specialist veterinary centre in the North West of England

Ben Walton is a Veterinary Orthopaedic Surgeon with special interests in complex lameness investigations and fracture management.

This presentation introduces the viewer to the fundamentals of assessing lameness in dogs. It is suitable for veterinary students, animal physiotherapy students, veterinary nurses, and dog owners and handlers. Vets and animal-physiotherapists might also find it useful as a refresher!

Clipping your Hounds Nails

This is a useful graphic showing how to cut your wolfhounds nails.

My three all hate having their nails cut, but I’m reliably informed that if you smear a chopping board or similar with peanut butter (make sure there’s no xylitol in it) then the dog will be so busy licking the tasty chopping board that they won’t even notice that you are cutting their nails.

Perhaps I’ll try it and get it on video, and post that here. 🙂

How to safely trim your hounds nails