Websites of Interest

Websites we recommend and enjoy visiting

The Irish Wolfhound Health Group website has information relating to health issues affecting the Irish Wolfhound. There are downloadable guides about how to buy a puppy, introducing your new Irish Wolfhound, heart disease, bloat, FCE and pneumonia. There is information regarding the Regional Heart Testing Scheme, including dates and locations of upcoming sessions. The IWHG are also very actively involved in various research projects, details of all of these can be found on the IWHG website.

To look up your own wolfhound and see what their ancestry is take a look at the Irish Wolfhound Database website. Simply type your wolfhounds pedigree name in the box to view their pedigree. It’s great fun to find out a bit more about them.

To explore all the features of the IWDB site have a look through their blog pages and posts. You can find the average age of the ancestors, who the common ancetors are, what your hounds relatives looked like and much, much more.

To find a reputable breeder please read and follow the advice on the Irish Wolfhound Puppies website.

Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust

Practical Aid for Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhound Foundation

Irish Wolfhound Society

Irish Wolfhound Club